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This course is for anyone that wants to master their mindset so they can automate their success
The Average Human Is Unaware Of At Least 50% Of Their Day To Day Activities...
Most of your day occurs in your subconscious and is automatic
Most people don't understand the power that their thoughts hold, but once you learn to leverage this power you WILL Accomplish MORE and with less resistance, which means your potential truly IS limitless
Yes, I Want Access To This Training
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Half of your day is outside of your control...
...OR IS IT?
What if you could re-create your automatic processes and turn them into the catalyst to your life's goals and dreams?
Perhaps a better question is, what would it cost you to never learn to control your automatic behaviors?
  • The majority of your time will continue to be wasted...
  • You will never become as productive as you want to be...
  • You will be less resilient compared to those that DO learn to control their mindset...
  • Experience increased levels of stress and anxiety...
  • Never truly understand yourself and what drives you...
All of this leaves people feeling like the odds are stacked against them...
As though they are bound to fail and live a mediocre life...
Beating The Odds 
is a 10-week training that uncovers exactly HOW to leverage your mind, so you can reach your Unlimited Potential!

Each week we will uncover the exact strategies and tactics that you need to master your mind!

We know exactly how it feels to fall victim to our own biases and false beliefs and believe you shouldn't have to struggle like that anymore.
See how Beating The Odds has Helped people just like you!
"This training provided the right level of accountability. Michael Freeman Coaching is truly a product of what they preach."


“Before I started working with Michael Freeman I knew so little about myself. I didn’t think I had it in my to accomplish any goal. It turns out I just needed guidance.”


“Michael Freeman’s guidance is exactly what I needed in order to evaluate my goals. Once we were able to articulate my dreams, we made commitments and strategies to help me put thought into action.”


Here Are The Skills You Will Build During This Course
Unlock the Beating The Odds course for only $97 for basic or $997 for premium and get instant access to one of the most in-depth trainings on the market.

Each week you will plan, practice, integrate, and reflect on each of the course concepts. These concepts are centered around self-awareness, discipline, mindset, personal development, personal responsibility, setting expectations, building habits, and much more.

This training includes 60+ videos, lessons, and emails all outlined to give you the skills to design and hone your own success. Throughout this training, you will discover exactly how your mindset is holding you back from your goals and exactly what to do to overcome your obstacles. 
Short Daily Video Lessons
Each day you will have access to a video lesson outlined to help you easily build the skills and habits. Watching and listening require less than 8 minutes on average, so you can fit them into any part of your day. 
Quick and Thought-Provoking Questions and Worksheets
It's not enough to just watch videos. Each day you will have questions to critically think on or worksheets to help unlock the strategies and tactics to help you truly understand how your mind works fast. 
Start Each Day With an Email From Coach Free
One of the best ways to stay focused and motivated is to keep positive messages, people, and content at the front of your mind. Each day Coach Free will send you an email to keep you in a positive mindset while also sharing additional context and strategies. 
Yes, I Want Access Now
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Here's a Sneak Peak
The Plan for Each Day
  • Start each week with a plan, both to complete the daily tasks and to accomplish small personal goals.
  • Each week you will learn a new topic that will help you control your mindset and your destiny and on Tuesday's you will learn to execute that topic.
  • Coach day allows your to ask questions and get help from our coaches, BUT this feature is only available to premium members.
  • Integration day gives you the skills to make each weekly topic a routine that you can automate.
  • On Friday's we will inspire you with a case study demonstrating the best of the best. Those that have earned control of their mind.
  • Rewards are a MUST. Without them you WILL NEVER master your mindset, habits or long term success.
  • On Sunday you will have time to catch up, but spend time reflecting. It's in our reflection that we truly are able to learn and grow.
Week 1 
Onboarding week. Grab some tools that will make the weeks ahead easier and gain an understanding of what you will be doing each week. 
Week 2
Clarity week. A big enough why can overcome almost anyhow. Find the type of person you are working to become and what truly matters to you. 
Week 3
Goal week. You will go a deep understanding of the power setting goals has on your mindset. 
Week 4
Expectation week. You will learn how to control the way you look at the world so you can change how you look at the world. 
Week 5
Optimization week. You will learn how to maximize your time and feel great about how you are spending it. 
Week 6
Belief week. You will learn how to control your beliefs and destroy the types of beliefs that hold you back and limit your growth. 
Week 7
Gratitude week. You can not maintain a negative mindset while demonstrating gratitude. Learn how to master this skill set. 
Week 8
Responsibility week. Learn how you can learn to gain the ability to choose how you respond. 
Week 9
Success week. We show you how to put the pieces together so you can make your success into an automatic repeatable system. 
Week 10
Accountability week. Show the rest of Team Free how far you've come and how far you will go with your new success plan. 
If You Feel Dissatisfied With Where You Are in Life
This Training can Help You Restructure Your Direction

You can't keep going it alone and expecting to overcome the things that are holding you back. Changing it up, working on a new process, gaining a new perspective, or new knowledge can be the catalyst YOU NEED to build a new life. It's easy to get stuck in the same old routine. If you are comfortable but frustrated with all the things you wish you were doing then this course will give you the structure you need to escape the grip of comfort. 

The premium version will also help you realize that you are not alone and many others struggle in the exact same ways you do. Being a part of the group calls will empower you to take control and truly adopt the lessons given with this training to change your life permanently. 

Image what your life would look like if you had control over it again. If you were able to control the things that hold you back, and leverage your mind toward progress and away from the pain of "just good enough."

It's time to let go of fear and embrace something new!!
It's time to get started!

Give this a risk-free try thanks to your 14-day 100% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. This will allow you to make an informed decision about what it could be like to Beat the Odds and if this training is the right fit for you.

Here's Everything you'll get when you register for the Beating the Odds Training
  • 10 weeks of mindset and personal development training ($997 value)
  • Daily Videos lessons ($99 value)
  • Daily tasks to help you leverage your mind to automate your success ($29 value)
  • Daily email guidance and motivation ($9.99)
  • The process and tactics behind created habits that automatically help you produce success ($4.99)
  • Workbook of reusable templates that can be used for new goals, habits, skills, and clarity ($19.99)
  • Community access to Team Free (PRICELESS)
  • Example of row in the list
  • Structured lessons built to help you digest topics easily (PRICELESS)
  • Live Weekly Group Coaching ($2,997 value)
  • Discounts on new courses and individualized coaching
  • One Individual Coaching Session (PRICELESS)
  • Lifetime Access to course content (PRICELESS)
  • Secure Checkout. 14-Day Money Back Guarantee
"What's The Difference Between The Basic and Premium"
And answers to other important questions:
Q: What's the difference between basic and premium?
A: Premium offers weekly group coaching, one individual coaching session, discounts on future coaching or training, and lifetime access to beating the odds.
Q: Is this training a shortcut to achieving goals or a hack for personal development?
A: No; In truth there are no shortcuts. Accomplishing goals, achieving happiness, living your life on your terms, and feeling free are all aspirations that require hard work and discipline. This training provides you proven human behavior techniques that will help you better understand how you slipped into your current circumstances and how to climb your way out. 
Q: How do I get help or ask questions during the training?
A: IF you purchase the premium training we advise you to save questions for the weekly group coaching so everyone can benefit from the coaches insight. Otherwise the Team Free group is moderated and questions asked there will be answered. 
Q: This training seems really intense what if I don't have time to work on the tasks daily. 
A: 6 Days a week you will have a video to watch, a task to complete, and an email to read. The last day of the week you will reflect on your work. Each day you will likely spend 30-40 minutes at most. With that part of the training will help you optimize your time, so you can fit the work in daily. Most people end of saving multiple hours per week minimum while also accomplishing more than what they have in the past. In addition to this the daily work also helps you build consistency and discipline which are character traits that consistently observed in successful people. 
Q: This training seems really intense what if I don't have time to work on the tasks daily. 
A: IF you purchased the premium membership, you do have lifetime access, which means you can catch up at your leisure. We do encourage you to plan your week in such a way that it makes it easy for you to get the work done and doing so has its own benefits. If you purchased basic you will have time after the 10 weeks to complete anything you want to dive deeper into.  

100% Risk-Free 30-Days Guarantee
If you aren’t completely happy with the value of your purchase, contact us by email within 30 days and we will refund you 100% - no questions asked!